Methane Emissions from CSG Well Completion Activities

The CSIRO report was prepared for the Department of the Environment and Energy and measured methane emissions at nine well completions and one well
workover at two CSG sites in Queensland.

GasFields Commission Queensland, Annual Report 14/15

More evidence this week of the benefits that the gas industry can deliver to regional communities and landholders, with the Queensland Gasfield Commission Annual Report showing that Queensland farmers have earned $200 million in compensation from the coal seam gas industry.

Review of the socioeconomic impacts of coal seam gas in Queensland

It found that the economic impacts of CSG development are consistent with other natural resource developments, with net positive impacts on employment, income, output, and government revenue. Broader community impacts, including social, demographic, and health outcomes, differ from other developments as a result of the geospatial dispersion of CSG activities and uncertainties about potential environmental impacts.

Queensland Government

Information about Queensland’s CSG-LNG industry and resources for operators, investors, holders and general public.