Gas production and its impact on water quality

May 23rd, 2014

The Medical Journal of Australia recently published a letter from three medical professionals identified as members of Doctors for the Environment.

Unfortunately the letter contains a number of selective quotes, and worse still, relies on a  US report that has been thoroughly discredited.

The US report into water quality around the town of Pavillion Wyoming has become a firm favourite with activist groups – and Pavillion was featured prominently in the Gasland movies.

What the authors of the MJA letter failed to reveal is that the cited report from the United States Environmental Protection Agency has been called into question by Wyoming state regulators and the US Bureau of Land Management, and subsequent testing by the US Geological Survey (USGS) found different results.

In 2013, the EPA stated that “EPA’s domestic water well sampling results have documented constituents of concern; however a source of those constituents has not been determined. EPA efforts to evaluate potential migration pathways from deeper gas production zones to shallower domestic water wells in the Pavillion gas field are inconclusive.”

There is no firm evidence that unconventional gas activities are the source of the constituents in the Pavillion area, yet industry opponents continue to perpetuate this myth.

Once a myth, always a myth.

There’s more information on Pavillion here.

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