NSW police forced to deal with ‘peaceful’ protesters

March 18th, 2016

Anti industry activists are fond of portraying themselves as “peaceful” and “non-confrontationist”.

They claim they are simply insisting on their democratic right to be heard, and that they are farmers, ‘knitting nannas’  and other ordinary folk expressing their opposition to resource development.


That is not the experience of many farmers, workers  and  townspeople going about their business in Narrabri, in northern NSW, where locals and police have been increasingly frustrated by out-of-town protesters who have become angry and aggressive.

In the past few years there have been a number of “battle fronts” for protesters in northern NSW, confronting and taunting police at Doubtful Creek and Glenugie, blockading roads and access tracks at Bentley, conducting mass trespass and dangerously ‘locking-on’ and interfering with gates and machinery in the Pilliga, near Narrabri.

Still unsure what to believe?

Then take a look at these photographs showing protest activities in the Pilliga (Photos courtesy of Santos).

cut wirestree chopped down Hole in the fence

dirt in a hydraulic



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