Letter to the Editor, The West Australian

April 8th, 2016

Forget facts at FFWA

Ben O’Shea’s Inside Cover article ‘Full of Gas’ (The West 6 April) was spot on in calling  Frack Free WA on its confected outrage at the Ed! Section publication about hydraulic fracturing.

Attacking all who disagree is a common trait of zealots and propagandists.  In attacking The West’s Ed! Supplement,  FFWA showed its lack of integrity as well as its long-standing preference for dogma over science and facts.

The IC response to the FFWA complaint about the Ed! publication  could have been more forthright, given that FFWA is an enthusiastic user of propaganda in its own publications.

In fact, in an article on its website accusing The West of “targeting schoolchildren” with misleading information, it was deploying wave after wave of its own anti-gas propaganda.

The most overt tool was a picture of a dead dingo “found in a fracking waste pond in the Kimberley”.  No details accompanied the picture and caption – it was an image intended to have a negative impact when there were absolutely no facts to support it – and good reason to believe it was a contrivance.

It was of course pure coincidence that this picture appeared on the FFWA website close to the time of another FFWA picture of a ‘dangerously leaking wellhead’ in the Kimberley  – a wellhead which Police quickly concluded had been deliberately damaged.

Steve Wright

Director, Energy Resource Information Centre

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