Unlocking South Australia’s resources sector

August 11th, 2014

South Australia’s economic revival has been linked to the State’s ability to unlock the full potential of the resources industry.

Speaking to a CEDA function in Adelaide today, South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill outlined an extensive economic assistance package centred around providing financial help to businesses willing to invest in and employ people on South Australian projects.

Previewing the speech in a story published in the Australian Financial Review , Mr Weatherill said the South Australian economy would be regenerated by “gas-led revival”.

In his speech the Premier pledged to unlock the “full potential” of South Australia’s resources and energy. He announced a 10-point list of economic priorities, with development of resources at No. 1 on the list.

He said the SA Government plans to “accelerate the development of the unconventional gas sector in SA by enhancing the secure and consistent approach to policy, working hand in hand with oil and gas companies”.

SA’s secure framework for developing unconventional gas projects had been crucial in it winning a reputation for being a pioneer in this sector, he said.

The Government’s 10-point plan was developed with input from business and other representative groups.  It includes a commitment to removing regulatory ‘red tape’  which unnecessarily impedes business and innovation.

In acknowledgement of the Government’s determination to ensure sound environmental practices, Mr Weatherill said the unconventional gas industry had the ability to provide a significant number of jobs and become a sound economic platform for South Australia’s economic revival following the departure of major industries including car and ship manufacturing.

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