A landmark study on fugitive emissions

August 1st, 2014

An important study conducted by CSIRO Energy Technology highlights the necessity for ongoing technical research into the environmental impacts of the Australian natural gas industry.

In its report to the Commonwealth Department of the Environment on “Field Measurements of Fugitive Emissions from Equipment and Well Casings in Australian Coal Seam Gas Production Facilities”, CSIRO has found that of the 43 sites tested: “All were found to have some level of emissions, although in all cases these were very low compared to overall production.”

The report, finalised in June and recently released, concluded: “(Emissions) were very much lower than recent estimates of CH4 emissions from unconventional gas production in the United States.”

The report also stated: “No evidence of leakage of methane around the outside of well casings was found at any of the wells sampled.”

CSIRO concluded in the report that the range of fugitive emission leakage measured was consistent with the emission factor currently used in the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting methodology for estimating emissions from equipment leaks

The results represent the first quantitative measurements of fugitive emissions from the Australian CSG industry

While recognising more study needs to be conducted, the report reflects the need for the industry to continue research and publish data to ensure everyone is fully aware of the facts associated with the industry’s environmental impacts.

It is only through research that Governments, communities and other stakeholders can conduct an informed debate about the nature of the industry.


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  1. Gray Birch on 2 August, 2014 Reply

    Great to see the CSIRO report which only enhances the fugitive emissions study by AGL in the Camden area.


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