Fracking stimulates regional economies, despite what activists claim

September 11th, 2015

Western Australia’s Mines and Petroleum Minister Bill Marmion has outlined the benefits being generated in the Kimberley as a direct result of the onshore oil and gas industry operating in the area.

In a statement,Minister Marmion said the direct involvement of up to 30 Indigenous people in a just-completed gas well stimulation program highlighted the extraordinary promise of the Kimberley gas industry.

“This is potentially a landmark moment for Kimberley jobs and communities.  If the two stimulated wells live up to their promise, it could lead to long-term employment, new skills and better futures for local families and their children.” This stands in stark contrast to the Labor Party’s proposed anti-jobs moratorium on gas fracking, which will deny regional opportunities.”

We agree Minister, which is what made the WA Labor Party’s proposed hydraulic fracturing moratorium so contradictory. (You can read our piece on that proposal here)

A Party which rallies for increased job creation and employment should be championing the efforts of onshore operators for sourcing local workers and energising local economies.

An industry which has a proven track record in managing safe and environmentally sound operations needs momentum, not unfounded opposition and obstruction.

In Western Australia there have been almost 800 wells hydraulically fractured since the mid-1960’s and more than 4,000 wells fractured nation-wide, with no confirmed cases of groundwater contamination.

Oil and gas operators have repeatedly demonstrated that the industry, under the control and oversight of a robust regulatory system, can drill and extract onshore gas safely while boosting employment opportunities in regional communities. I

It’s a win-win.

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