Fracking facts ignored by activists…..again

June 12th, 2015

A landmark finding by the US EPA has again reinforced that hydraulic fracturing is not the dreadful  process made out by activists.

The EPA’s 1000-page report, more than four years in the making, found ‘no systemic widespread impacts to drinking water’, and that the only instances of concern involved surface spills of frack wastewater and leakages from poorly constructed wells.

The EPA finding is another major blow to the claims of the anti-gas movement in Australia, which has pointed to the US as proof of the dangers of hydraulic fracturing.

It follows last year’s determination by the NSW Chief Scientist that fracking had not caused aquifer contamination here or overseas, and that it was a ‘low risk’ process which the industry had the experience and capability to safely manage.

The EPA report prompted a predictably outraged response from activists, including activist ‘hero’ Josh Fox, maker of the discredited ‘Gasland’ movie, who blamed the Obama administration in a fiery interview.

In Australia, Lock The Gate president Drew Hutton  initially tried to claim the EPA repot as confirming the activist position.  But he was soon contradicted by others.

Media  reporting was more accurate.   The US response is summarised here.

The  Australian Financial Review described the report as:

“…a sharp rebuff to the noisy anti-gas scaremongering of Gaslands and, in this country, shock-jock Alan Jones, Lock The Gate farmers, assorted environmental campaigners and their political fellow travellers.”

This surely now provides a scientific base on which the NSW Government can proceed with its gas plan and the Victorian Government can conclude its moratorium and turn its attention to the right settings for the responsible development of natural gas resources.


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