Another study makes claims with not a lot of evidence

January 13th, 2016

Fracktivists worldwide – including the founder of million dollar protest group Lock the Gate, Drew Hutton – this week raced to highlight a new study from researchers at Yale University which claimed, among other things, that chemicals found in fracking fluid and produced water from hydraulic fracking operations could result in toxicity in humans.


The Yale study looked at certain chemicals that ‘could’ possibly be used in fracking or related processes.

And it’s that theoretical proposition that partly undermines the research – just because it says the chemicals ‘could’ doesn’t mean they ‘will’ be used in the process.

Additionally, the research team have made the assumption that the chemicals pose a risk to human health as a result of drinking water supplies contaminated by fracking activities.

Over the years there have been innumerable claims about fracking contaminating groundwater aquifers – claims that have been debunked, disproven and found to be just plain wrong, time and time again, in the United States and elsewhere.

For a detailed analysis of the claims made in the Yale study, take a look at the extensive response prepared by Energy In Depth.

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