Analysis of a divestment campaign

June 23rd, 2014

There’s an interesting report out analysing the fossil fuel divestment campaign that is in full swing across Australia and many other jurisdictions.

Funded by the Minerals Council of Australia  and authored by Sinclair Davidson, a Professor of Institutional Economics at RMIT, and a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs, the report takes a critical look at the arguments and the so-called ‘science’ advanced by the divestment movement, and questions the legality of the campaign itself.

A couple of quotes stand out in Davidson’s analysis – and they apply equally to the opponents of natural gas development.

On activist tactics:

“It should not be necessary for individual companies to play ‘hardball’. All that is required is that activists maintain their activities within the rule of the law.”

On the influence of global activists:

“The concerted, well-financed, and internationally coordinated campaign against fossil fuel producers carries with it great dangers and the potential to impose huge costs on the Australian economy.”


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